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Eric JP

Innovation-Driven Access Control and Security


It's a year of celebration and reflection for EAL as we've reached our first anniversary in the Grand Duchy. In honor of our anniversary, we're having a conversation with Eric Coilliot, the representative and voice behind EAL's leading position in access control and security in Luxembourg. 

Unica Access Security 10

The future of access control: Tijs Melis reveals vision and innovations at Unica Access & Security International.


Tijs Melis, now the director of Unica Access & Security International, is a specialist with over 10 years of experience in the security and access industry. Now, as the driving force behind Unica Access & Security International, he unveils his vision, taking us through the story of his organization that will set a new standard in the world of access management and security.

Unica SLM

Unica Access & Security International: Full Chain Responsibility


At Unica Access & Security, we place great emphasis on the quality, performance, and availability of the products and (IT) services provided. Our goal is not only to implement technologies such as access control or surveillance cameras, but above all to provide a license to operate in the long term. Therefore, we establish clear KPIs when entering into a relationship.

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Access control, burglary, intercom and camera observation in one central environment.

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