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Access & Security

We always deliver the best solutions that seamlessly align with your needs. 

A total-solution

Make access control and security an integral part of your business processes.

At Unica Access & Security, we believe that access and security should be seamlessly integrated into all business processes. We don't view access provision and security as products, but rather as a complete service. Only a comprehensive solution, constantly in sync with the latest developments, can provide businesses with the assurance that incidents are either prevented or resolved in record time.

We understand the market and the possibilities. Our expertise lies in identifying the solutions most suitable for your security needs. When designing systems, we cover both hardware installation and software configuration. Our practical experience and technical knowledge play a crucial role in this process.

Service overview

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Access & Security

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Identity & Cloud

Unica Access Security IT Services & Cloud

Services & cloud

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Unica Access & Security

Access control, burglary, intercom and camera observation in one central environment.

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