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Access Control

Efficient, controlled, and above all, secure access provision. For all your business locations and users worldwide.

Always the best choice,
regardless of the location

Security and access control must go hand in hand.

Unica Access & Security International is the specialist when it comes to implementing access control solutions for a multitude of leading clients. Our integrated access control solution ensures that individuals enter efficiently and that they comply with applicable laws and regulations. Whether it's an office environment, an industrial complex, or a hospital, Unica Access & Security International offers the best solution worldwide.

The benefits:

  • Protect your organization to prevent unauthorized access to your locations;
  • An open platform with integrations to other security systems, ERP, or HR systems;
  • From a central environment that is part of your business processes;
  • Full control over access rights and authorization.
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Uniform solution for Safety, Security, and Hospitality

Based on your security policy, we safeguard safety and hospitality. We do this by integrating our access control systems with physical locks, card readers, biometric solutions, speed lanes, and other solutions. Our powerful access control solution is user-friendly, intuitive, and based on intelligent network technology. We leverage the latest IT innovations, allowing our access control system to evolve with your organization. This ensures a continuously deployable access control system.

From classic access cards to biometrics

Our access control system supports a variety of tokens for access. This includes classic access cards, but also mobile phones, license plates, RFID, QR codes, and even biometric features can serve as access tokens. They can also be used simultaneously to provide optimal flexibility.

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Thanks to the close partnership, Nsecure has completely relieved us by providing a uniform security policy. This uniformity has reduced discomfort for the staff, and there is no longer fragmentation of access policies, providing facility managers with more insight into the processes*.

*Nsecure is one of the expert centers of Unica Access & Security   

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Facility manager @ DPG Media location Antwerp

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