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24/7 visibility of all your business locations, worldwide.

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of all your locations

24/7 remote monitoring and alarm response

With our camera observation and video management solutions, you can monitor your locations 24/7 and respond to alarms. This enables the recognition and timely escalation of unwanted activities and situations, whether it's the main entrance, outdoor locations, or high-security zones. Unica Access & Security International ensures that the camera system becomes part of your integrated security policy by integrating video management solutions with security management or access control systems.

The benefits:

  • Valuable analysis and predictions thanks to enriched data, including People Counting or Loitering;
  • Intelligent camera solutions that meet the highest requirements for image, sound, analytics, and AI;
  • Fully secure from the Cloud;
  • Professional setup of camera systems to reduce cyber risks;
  • Remote 24/7 viewing of camera footage and alarm response.

Data-Driven Camera Systems 

Our groundbreaking, "smart" camera systems are now better than ever at detecting and identifying deviations in patterns of movement. This represents a significant breakthrough for organizations using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. An excellent example of these advanced applications includes algorithms that can optimize behavior and routes based on precise data analysis. This enables them to make valuable suggestions about which office locations are busy at specific times and which ones are less crowded.

Observation Room Unica Access & Securit

Unica Access & Security Observation Room

You can maintain camera observation in-house, or Unica Access & Security can handle it for you. Our Observation Room operates 24/7, allowing us to constantly observe, detect, and respond quickly to alarms, enabling us to act efficiently and effectively with minimal staffing.

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