Digital Voice Recorder

Enables you to retrieve and listen to any needed conversation. 

Digital Voice Recorder

Optimize your service with Voice Logging 

With our Digital Voice Recorder, you can effectively manage recorded information and gain valuable insights from your communication processes. Call centers, control rooms, and helpdesks are essential parts of organizations where telephone conversations play a central role. Depending on the size of your organization, hundreds to thousands of telephone conversations can take place here on a daily basis. It is crucial to gain insight into these conversations. This allows you to measure the overall customer friendliness of your organization and make adjustments where necessary. Additionally, you can analyze the average duration of phone calls, track the revenue generated from them, and use the content of conversations for staff training.

The benefits:

  • Retrieve hundreds of conversations within seconds with our software;
  • Compatible with almost all servers on which you want an installation;
  • Can connect with telephone systems and exchanges from various brands;
  • Record Conversations with Voice Recording Software.
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Record Conversations with Voice Recording Software

There are several reasons why recording and later retrieving all conversations is highly valuable. It provides you with the opportunity to address customer questions and comments about phone calls. Furthermore, trainees can derive valuable learning moments from re-listening to conversations. For certain critical situations, such as contract negotiations or conference calls, it is essential to be able to capture the information. With our speech software, you can not only record telephone conversations but also conversations from other sources, such as mobile phones or intercoms. It allows you to retrieve and listen to any conversation quickly and efficiently when necessary. This enables you to handle recorded information efficiently and gain valuable insights from your communication processes.

EVA 360

Unica Access & Security is the expert in security management and develops high-quality hardware and software. For voice recording, we have developed special recording software called EVA 360. With this software, you can retrieve hundreds of conversations in seconds. Our software is compatible with virtually all types of servers and can be easily installed at your location. Additionally, we offer the possibility to seamlessly connect to telephone systems and exchanges from different brands.

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