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Security Management

Access control, intrusion detection, intercom, and camera observation converge in one central environment.

Seamless Integration

Optimize your security with our connectable high-end Security Management Systems.

From our wide range of solutions, we offer high-end security management systems that can be connected to any desired subsystem. This ensures that our solution always aligns optimally with your existing needs and security policies.

Our security management systems can be offered both as Software as a Service and on-premise variants. With the Software as a Service variant, Unica Access & Security can provide the complete hosting and availability of the system as a service.

The benefits:

  • One centralized environment for access & security, allowing you to maintain 24/7 control.
  • Intuitive environment for handling notifications in various situations effectively.
  • Acts as the umbrella over separate security systems, such as security, building management, and communication systems.
  • Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise variants.
  • Possibility to integrate your Security Management solution with your building management systems or fire alarm systems, ensuring seamless process integration.

Service overview

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Access control, burglary, intercom and camera observation in one central environment.

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