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Vehicle Management System

Route planning, vehicle tracking from the control center, monitoring driving behavior, communicating with your drivers, alerts per vehicle.

Vehicle Management

Modern solutions for digital insight into the status of your fleet

As a company with a fleet, you face the challenge of fleet management, also known as fleet management. Especially with a large fleet, manual management is almost impossible. With our Vehicle Management System, you can decide which features you want to use.

The benefits:

  • We have complete control over the development and production of our Vehicle Management System;
  • Both standard solutions and customizations are possible;
  • We are not dependent on other parties. Because we operate independently in the market, we are flexible and better able to keep costs as low as possible for you.

Vehicle Management System tailored to your needs 

One of the simplest and most commonly used functions is route planning, which allows your drivers to stay informed in real-time about things like traffic jams and detours. At the same time, the vehicle can be tracked via vehicle tracking from the control center, allowing for precise location determination, which is important for your planning. Your drivers' driving behavior can be monitored, you can communicate with your drivers, and you can receive specific alerts per vehicle, such as notifications about speeding, arrival at the final destination, or prolonged idling.

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