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Cloud IT Services

From hardware to a complete IT infrastructure.

Cloud IT Services

Thanks to our practical experience and technical expertise, we are able to guarantee our customers systems that are always up to date and meet all security and compliance requirements.

Unica Access & Security has been active in the Cloud since 2008. We consider it our responsibility to oversee the systems and solutions used by our customers. We ensure the availability, continuous operation, and security of your IT infrastructure. Our security applications are housed and maintained in a data center with ISO 27001 certification. The operating system is internally managed and performs proactive checks and installs essential updates and patches. In addition, Unica Access & Security continuously monitors the systems, and regular service reviews are conducted for periodic reporting.

The benefits:

  • Fully redundant and compliant with the highest IT security and privacy standards;
  • Reduce CO2 footprint by using virtual servers in large data centers;
  • Always up-to-date with the latest features and software updates;
  • Location-independent: your security systems are globally deployable;
  • Savings on your own IT resources; our specialists relieve your organization.

Custom Cloud Solutions

Unica Access & Security provides high-quality hosting services. Outsourcing a core function like security often raises questions, which is why we make significant efforts to ensure the quality of our hosting environment and information security. It is no coincidence that we undergo external audits annually. Our commitment to maintaining the trust of our customers knows no bounds. In addition to our hosting services, we also offer the possibility to install security systems on your own provided IT infrastructure (on-premises or in the Cloud). In this situation, Unica Access & Security can provide the necessary remote support via a VPN connection in case of issues.

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