Physical Identity Management YIM
Physical Identity Management 

24/7 a complete overview of all conditions required for demonstrably controlled access management.

Safe, simple,
and always 'in control'

Putting the individual at the center through appropriate access policies.

The ever-advancing digitization is a significant source of inspiration for innovation at Unica Access & Security. This innovation is clearly evident in our identity management solutions. Unica Access & Security offers various services in the field of workflow and identity management, all of which come together in our own identity management solutions. This helps companies streamline and control access for individuals to buildings or premises, resulting in significantly improved access processes, increased security, and optimal risk management.

The benefits:

  • 24/7 a complete overview of all conditions required for demonstrably controlled access management;
  • The individual is at the center through appropriate access policies for your visitors, employees, and contractors;
  • Only individuals with the right education or qualifications can perform specific tasks in line with all applicable laws and regulations;
  • Pre-registering and authorizing individuals prevents unnecessary time loss.

Identity Management Platform YIM 

Our identity management platform, YIM, consists of various modules. These include enrolling employees, visitors, and contractors, accreditation, e-learning, and document management. These modules work together to make access processes more efficient and automated. YIM is an integral part of daily operations in various sectors. Whether it's visitor registration or e-learning, YIM is designed with flexibility in mind to add value in diverse industries.


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ISO27001 Certified 

YIM is offered as a service from a data center certified to ISO27001 standards. This means there is no need to purchase and manage your own software and underlying infrastructure. YIM has proven its value in large organizations for several years, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The platform is specifically designed to optimize efficiency, hospitality, safety, security, and compliance with laws and regulations at each location.

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Nsecure's solution has proven its services and, thanks to its flexibility, contributes to the rapid and efficient regulation of visitor flows*.

*Nsecure is one of the expert centers of Unica Access & Security.

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