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Incident Management

A 24/7 available service desk to swiftly and efficiently address notifications, minimizing security risks.

Incident Management

Sector-oriented expertise within Unica Access & Security's.

Service Desk Clients can contact Unica Access & Security's Customer Support at any time for problems and notifications related to security systems. Thanks to 24/7 remote monitoring, technical issues are not only immediately detected but, if possible, even resolved before they actually lead to problems.

Our service desk is always ready to assist you. The team is divided into customer teams, ensuring that all sector-specific knowledge is bundled, and various specializations are represented within our team. This means that Unica Access & Security is not only available 24/7 but also has a team with in-depth knowledge of all business processes and familiarity with our clients' environments.

The benefits:

  • Available 24/7 with support from experts familiar with both the customer and the security environment.
  • Immediate real-time detection of technical issues, followed by remote intervention.
  • Tailored agreements and KPIs that seamlessly align our services with your business processes.
  • Sustainable services contributing to CO2 reduction.

Available 24/7

Within our Service Desk, a well-organized team ensures seamless operation. Technical issues are immediately detected and, if possible, resolved remotely, even during the weekend. This prevents our clients from experiencing disruptions on Monday morning. Incidents can be reported at any time via our Service Portal, by phone, or by email. Our service desk staff handle all incidents according to predefined protocols. Outside regular office hours, service is taken over by our Observation Room.


CO2 Reduction 

Thanks to Remote Services by Unica Access & Security Due to technical advancements and the increasing number of remote connections to customer environments, Unica Access & Security can increasingly identify, analyze, and resolve disruptions remotely. This makes us less dependent on service technicians who need to physically travel to a location, and it prevents unnecessary miles from being traveled.

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