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Observation Room

24/7 monitoring, alarm response, and surveillance of business locations.

Human vs technology 

Hospitality, Security & Compliance

Unica Access & Security has established the Observation Room based on its vision of access and security management. In this vision, hospitality, security, compliance, continuity, and operational activities seamlessly blend together. Our approach contributes to improved efficiency, increased safety, and a more sustainable execution of your business processes. Thanks to the synergy between humans and technology, our remote service can significantly impact domains such as hospitality, security, and safety. This allows organizations to maintain control and focus on their core business.

The benefits:

  • Continuous, tailored monitoring and response to alarm signals from various customer locations, 24/7.
  • One centralized hub for both access control and camera observation.
  • Advanced technology to support surveillance and reception services.
  • Delivered from an ISO-certified data center.

Remote Monitoring & Control from Unica's Observation Room

 From our Observation Room, we provide comprehensive remote control functionality. This means that both access control and camera surveillance converge at one central location. Our surveillance services are supported by intelligent technology. We are responsible for 24/7 customer-specific monitoring and alarm response. Furthermore, we monitor the IT environment of customer locations outside regular office hours. Unlike traditional security, which requires constant supervision, Unica Access & Security can take action without incurring additional immediate costs thanks to smart systems.

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CO2-Conscious Security

Unica Access & Security offers monitoring and control services that use innovative technologies that are more efficient and cost-effective. By providing these services remotely, unnecessary responses to false alarms or unnecessary surveillance rounds are prevented. This directly results in a significant reduction in our customers' CO2 emissions.

Service overview

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Access & Security

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Identity & Cloud

Unica Access Security IT Services & Cloud

Services & cloud

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