Remote Monitoring

With our remote services and monitoring, we ensure safety and continuity for our clients 24/7.

24/7 Remote monitoring

At Unica Access & Security, we consider the quality, performance, and availability of the solutions we provide to be of utmost importance. Our focus is not only on implementing technical solutions such as access control and video surveillance but, more importantly, on providing a sustainable "license to operate" in the long term.

The benefits:

  • 24/7 monitoring, proactive analysis, and alert response;
  • Advanced maintenance procedures tailored to data-driven needs;
  • Periodic reporting on system status, trends, and KPIs;
  • Sustainable security policy with the highest priority for safety.

Performance Management & Monitoring 

New security applications only provide value when actively managed, developed, and closely monitored. Our approach goes beyond access and security. We aim for total control, so business processes can continue uninterrupted, and both performance and service excellence continue to excel.

We believe that smart process design, setting clear KPIs, using effective tools, and implementing advanced systems are crucial for creating a sustainable security policy. At Unica Access & Security, we look beyond the moment of initial implementation. Our goal is to ensure continuity and improvement so that your organization remains optimally protected in the long run.

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Insight into processes, user patterns, and maintenance requirements 

At Unica Access & Security, we thoroughly evaluate the actual use and condition of security systems. This valuable data is stored in our CMDB (Configuration Management Database) - a central platform that provides insight into the processes, user patterns, and maintenance requirements of each security system. Through continuous data monitoring and analysis of deviations and trends, faults can be detected immediately, allowing for timely intervention.

Innovative management and maintenance

By handling data and continuously measuring the performance of our solutions, Unica Access & Security can plan preventive maintenance based on need and necessity. In addition, Unica Access & Security resolves almost 40% of remote service calls at its clients through a continuous remote connection. This combination forms a highly sustainable maintenance strategy in which efficiency and cost savings take precedence, but safety and continuity are top priorities.

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