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Service Level Management

One point of contact for the management, maintenance, and optimal performance of your security environment.

Centralized Chain

Effective chain management requires an in-depth understanding of the business processes and environment of each customer.

Service Level Management involves planning and coordinating both preventive and corrective maintenance tasks for our provided security solutions. This includes monitoring service levels, generating detailed reports, and even coordinating the final link in the subcontractor chain. Unica Access & Security collaborates with a specialized team to achieve this. Our team understands the core of your business processes and environment. The Service Level Manager translates the customer's requirements into internal processes and proactively keeps the customer informed of the progress of the service.

The benefits:

  • One central point of contact for the management, maintenance, and performance of provided security solutions;
  • Periodic in-depth analysis and reporting on agreements, KPIs, and evaluation of the provided services;
  • Insight and control over the management costs of your security systems. Now and in the future;
  • Always informed about the trends and innovations in your sector.

Optimizing Security Through Intelligent Maintenance Strategies

In the field of security, a conventional approach to maintenance is often prevalent. Instead of annually defined maintenance activities, Unica Access & Security recommends intelligent maintenance strategies that efficiently meet the maintenance needs of a system, especially in more complex environments. Through data analysis, we continuously optimize the quality, performance, and availability of the solution. What does this offer our customers? They do not encounter surprises or unnecessary costs but planned, preventive renewals that contribute to optimal lifecycle management.

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Unica Access Security Service Level Management

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