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Integrated Security Management

Security is becoming increasingly important every day and is not something you just "add on".

An Integrated Approach
to Security

Digitization, labor market shortages, and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have collectively led to more and more facilities management being outsourced. But what about security?

Companies and organizations often engage different service providers for different areas of focus. This results in separate contracts for services such as cleaning, catering, manned guarding, and security. This fragmentation creates security risks. Integrated Security Management, as a complement to Integrated Facility Management, is the solution.

The benefits:

  • Lower costs by efficiently deploying receptionists and security officers through advanced technology and effective system management;
  • Our experts ensure that your access and security systems function optimally at all times and seamlessly align with your business processes;
  • No in-house security department, but fully outsourced;
  • Always strategic, tactical, and operational advice;
  • Always compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Facility processes and security seamlessly integrated

In virtually every organization, security is part of the facility process, but this isn't always advantageous. Increasing complexity in IT and legal regulations makes it difficult for facility companies to take overall responsibility. Organizations gain a lot of confidence when a party is capable of excelling in managing all facility processes and includes security as an integral part. Unica Access & Security, as a leading expert in Integrated Security Management (ISM), ensures that all tasks are optimally performed, resulting in the highest possible security and significant cost savings.

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