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The security ecosystem as the center of Safety & Security.

Why safety should be a priority

Safety is essential for every organization. Whether it's data breaches, intruders, theft, fire, or activism, the potential damage can be enormous and unpredictable. Companies face significant security challenges, such as rapid technological advancements, growing cyber threats, increased regulation, and a shortage of expertise.


  • Comprehensive approach: Complete management of all security issues, providing peace of mind.
  • Efficient integration: Avoidance of fragmented solutions through the integration of security aspects.
  • Cloud-based: High availability and scalability for all organizational sizes.
  • Extensive data analysis: Insights through data integration and AI for optimization and cost savings.
  • Cost savings: Efficient approach leading to significant savings.
  • 24/7 Remote services: Continuous monitoring and quick issue resolution, reducing unnecessary surveillance.
  • High security standards: Management of physical and data security with certifications (SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, GDPR, etc.).
  • Sustainability: Approximately 2000 tons of CO2 saved per year, contributing to sustainability goals.
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What is YUNE

YUNE is an advanced Security Ecosystem that integrates all aspects of security, rendering fragmented solutions obsolete. With YUNE, you are assured of a reliable and comprehensive approach to all your security challenges.

YUNE is a hyper-intelligent, all-encompassing access & security ecosystem that guarantees both offline and online safety for offices, industrial locations, and outdoor sites. This cloud-based system is easily accessible and scalable for organizations of any size. Customers not only receive technological solutions but also comprehensive services and expertise from security professionals with over 50 years of knowledge.

Insights through Data and AI

YUNE gathers data from various sources and enriches it with insights from our security professionals (Service Level Managers) and Artificial Intelligence. This results in crucial steering information for strategic decision-making and optimization of security processes. Deviant patterns are detected immediately, leading to significant cost savings and an efficient approach to security challenges.

What Does YUNE Offer?

YUNE provides comprehensive advice, worry-free implementation of solutions, and expert management and maintenance. This includes 24/7 remote services, maintenance management, and lifecycle management from a single point of contact, resulting in increased efficiency, higher security, and lower costs.

Services and Products

Physical Security
YUNE advises on physical security for buildings and outdoor locations, including access control gates, camera surveillance, and online registrations. YUNE takes full chain responsibility for access & security.

Identity Management
YUNE's physical identity management platform provides modules for accreditation, registration, e-learning, and document management. This allows you to remain in control of who has access to your locations at all times.

YUNE ensures maximum security of data and systems with cloud solutions and compliance with laws and regulations. Robust cybersecurity measures protect against threats such as malware and hacking, which are crucial for business process continuity.

Remote Services & Sustainability
YUNE offers 24/7 remote monitoring, automatically following up on deviations. This minimizes unnecessary surveillance and travel time, increasing both sustainability and efficiency. YUNE's ecosystem saves approximately 2000 tons of CO2 per year for customers.

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YUNE Certified Partners 

YUNE operates on the Best-of-Breed principle, selecting partners based on innovation, cybersecurity, expertise, sustainability, and availability. Certified partners are fully integrated within the YUNE ecosystem.

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Meet YUNE at Security Essen

Would you like to get acquainted with our YUNE Ecosystem? Visit our booth at Security Essen.

Service overview

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Access & Security

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Identity & Cloud

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