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With our remote services, we assist clients worldwide from A to Z.

Tijs Melis Unica Access & Security Int.

Unica works with numerous multinational companies; large firms with hundreds of employees and locations in multiple countries. These foreign branches often encounter similar challenges as clients in the Netherlands. This prompted Tijs Melis, Director International of the business cluster Unica Access & Security since January 2023, to think deeply. "The solutions we offer at Unica Access & Security in access control and security are very strong. Without sounding too commercial: there are few companies that can do what we do. We have a track record of proven integrated technology. So, isn't it logical to offer Unica's remote services in other countries as well? Clients are asking for it too: What you do for us in the Netherlands is top-notch! Can you do the same for us abroad?"

Regulations and Legislation

The companies within the Unica Access & Security cluster already work for Dutch clients with one or more branches abroad. Tijs explains: "For instance, Nsecure works for the European Patent Office in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Sister company EAL operates in the Caribbean for the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf and also works for SES Astra and Quintet Private Bank in Luxembourg. These are just a few examples. So, we follow our clients abroad, but our focus hasn't been on this until now. When multinational companies asked if we could work for them across borders, we naturally responded with some reservation. We know how things work in the Netherlands, but everything is different abroad: the market, language, culture, laws and regulations, and the tax system. This often makes international business difficult and challenging. It takes a lot of time and energy to familiarize ourselves with all of this."

Remote Services

Why does Unica Access & Security now have international ambitions? Tijs can explain briefly: "Technology. Through innovative methods, we have gained over 15 years of experience in collaborating remotely with clients and solving problems. This approach is highly suitable beyond national borders. With the central cloud environment and remote monitoring by Nsecure, access control by EAL, and the identity management platform YIM, we can comprehensively support clients worldwide. The future is remote! This means we don't need to open offices in every country or engage in complicated mailbox solutions. Thanks to available technology and extensive expertise, a strategic international move is now evident."


In 2023, together with experts from the Unica Group and various external partners, Tijs rolled up his sleeves to establish a solid foundation. This is crucial so that Unica doesn't have to reinvent the wheel for every country – and possibly other corporate clusters with international ambitions – in the future. "It was a steep learning curve, but the framework is in place," Tijs says enthusiastically. "We understand the rules of the European market, are familiar with laws and regulations, taxes, liability, and everything else involved. We have hired two representatives in Germany and Luxembourg, and some colleagues at Nsecure and EAL have been freed up to take on specialist roles as needed."

Local Partners

Tijs has invested significant time in finding the right local partners. "Think of installers or integrators who can assist us in setting up projects and carrying out physical work at customer sites. They represent Unica abroad."

Furthermore, Unica Access & Security has intensified collaboration with chain partners such as Boon Edam, ID-Ware, and Nedap. "These companies already have experience abroad. In addition to our own market presence at Unica, we can offer joint propositions. This is valuable," Tijs explains, "because Unica is well-known in the Netherlands, but abroad, we're essentially starting from scratch."

Turning Point

When a company announces that it's "going international," it creates expectations. Tijs explains: "We want to fulfill all customer requests, but we want to avoid ending up in exotic situations worldwide. For example, when doing business outside the EU, you're not always insured. That would be a huge challenge for Unica, which is taking its first cautious steps across borders. Therefore, Unica Access & Security is initially focusing on EU customers. Our target markets are Germany, Luxembourg, and soon Belgium. Here, many companies align well with Unica in terms of business practices and approaches. In other words, we can make many customers happy here. We're on the verge of welcoming our first major international client. I can't wait! Sowing is fun, but harvesting is even more enjoyable."

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Tijs Melis Unica Access & Security Int.

Unica expands internationally with remote services

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