Alliander: an integrated policy for facility and security


Alliander develops and manages energy networks for over three million Dutch households and businesses for electricity, gas, and heat. They manage more than 90,000 km of electricity network and 40,000 km of gas network and are proud that these networks are among the most reliable in the world. The complexity of their extensive business activities, as well as the speed at which changes occur in the energy landscape, have prompted Alliander to organize itself as a control organization. Since 2017, Alliander has therefore transferred the control role and responsibility for the tactical and operational implementation of access and security policies – both in terms of people and technology – to Unica Access & Security International. Similar outsourcing agreements are often applied in the market for facility matters, but in the field of security, they are still in their infancy.


For Alliander, it was a strategic choice to include Integrated Security Management as an important part of the Facility team, alongside the integrated facility solution for soft services and the managing agent for asset management. Mark Hamstra, Supplier Manager at Alliander, says, "The collaboration of this structure is proving to be successful. Specialists from different services complement each other well. This enables us to delegate tactical and operational tasks and responsibilities regarding security to Unica Access & Security International."

An integrated policy for facility and security

Alliander, the largest grid operator in the Netherlands, acknowledges the benefits of an integrated policy. Previously, they had contracts with various security companies, technical parties, and a hospitality company. By switching from an IFM model to an IFM + ISM model, they reduced the number of parties from more than ten to three. There is certainty in terms of laws and regulations, and IT security, intrusion detection, fire protection, and camera surveillance are much more efficiently organized. Tijs Melis, director Unica Access & Security, says, "Every facility manager should have this on their radar because, in our opinion, this is the future."

Constructive collaboration between chain partners

An essential part of the collaboration is creating the most effective chain of various supplier services. The organization and structure of this are relatively complex and dynamic. It requires constructive cooperation and good coordination between the different chain partners. By sharing information in a timely manner and accurately documenting agreements, objectives will be achieved, innovations realized, and mutual understanding optimized.

Integrated Security Management

Unica Access & Security International plans, coordinates, and monitors the agreed service level agreements and continuously focuses on analyzing and improving processes, with the importance of Alliander always being paramount. From the management function, the following services are directed by Unica Access & Security International:

  • Observation: following standard procedures for remote opening and closing of locations, access control, intercom handling, video surveillance, emergency and incident management, and alarm verification and follow-up;
  • Functional and operational management of access control and workflow authorization management;
  • Service management: technical management, application management, and incident management of access control and workflow authorization management;
  • Installation & Maintenance: partially performed by Unica Access & Security International and partially by building-related service providers and suppliers;
  • Human security: private alarm center, mobile surveillance, and object security; carried out by a private security company.

"Assessment of the new agreements is based on performance indicators. What is particularly noteworthy is the agreement that - if a specified performance indicator is not achieved - there is no conventional penalty scheme. In that case, Unica Access & Security International, along with its management and employees, will carry out a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. This involves an activity, appropriately proportioned, aimed at one of the vulnerable groups in society," says Tijs Melis.

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